Not ALL Preservatives are Toxic!


Being in the Cosmetic Chemistry industry all these years, I’ve seen a lot of incorrect information being passed around the internet when it comes to preservatives.

What the heck is it and why even use any at all? To put it simply; it’s a chemical additive that helps to keep products from growing any icky stuff like mold or bacteria in them. And, thankfully, there’s also now safer & natural alternatives to the toxic ones on the market.

You’ve got some that say preservatives aren’t needed. Others say it’s needed, but it’s in such small amounts it won’t hurt you, even if it’s a known toxic ingredient. Would you knowingly put Strychnine on your body if it’s “only“ a little bit?!

Yeah. Um. No. Not me. So, let’s clear up some of these thoughts.....

You’ve got 2 types of products:

1.Anhydrous. Which simply means without water.

2.Hydrous: means with water

If a product is Hydrous it must have a preservation system added to it to keep it from growing mold, bacteria, yeast or fungi. Water provides that medium for growth. If a product is created without one and not used within a few days, it could cause severe health problems, blindness and possibly death (though that is at its extreme). Your product must be adequately preserved to prevent contamination.

If a product is Anhydrous, a preservative is not needed unless water will come into contact with it. An example of an anhydrous product is an oil based serum.

If you choose products that have preservatives in them, be sure to purchase products that do not use any of the known toxic preservation systems such as:

  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Parabens
  • Diazolidynyl urea
  • Sodium benzoate /citric acid
  • Propylene glycol  

A safer list of natural preservatives:

Grapefruit seed extract

Sorbic acid/potassium sorbate

Ethanol (sugarcane organic alcohol)

Radish root ferment Lactobacillus +Coconut fruit extract

Bacillus ferment + Sacharomyes Ferment Populus Bark Extract (aspen )

Biosecur (blend of citrus fruits extracts)


Now, when you’re out shopping for your cosmetics, you’ll know what you’re putting onto your skin contains some of the safest ingredients that you can use. Beauty doesn’t have to kill us.


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